Building on 35+ years of experience, Spirito aims to provide quality uniform & work wear apparel to retail and corporate customers in both Canada and the US.

Spirito’s commitment is to provide the best value for our customers through domestic and global sourcing as we are capable of developing products for customers from design and manufacturing of fabrics to finished garments. As well as set up local distribution system and milk run systems.

We operate an in-house sewing and assembly services to facilitate small runs & odd size orders such as, applying reflective tape on ready made garments and applying minor conversion on ready made garments.

The result is a fast turn around and reduced lead time for our customer’s orders.

About our strength

  • Domestic and overseas sourcing of fabrics & garment manufacturing capability; supported by well established manufacturers in Canada and the far east.
  • 20,000 sq/ft warehouse with custom racks & shelving set up for PnP operation.
  • EDI capable with apparel-inventory-management system and in-house sub system.
  • V.I.P (Vendor Inventory Program) for major retailers.
  • In-house sewing and design services.
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1330 Eglinton Avenue E., Unit 2
Mississauga, ON
L4W 2L4
Tel: 905.602.1114
Fax: 905.602.1077
Email: orderdesk@spirito.com
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